Stimulate US: Uncle Sam has a job for you...


The Federal government is the nation's biggest employer, and it plans to hire even more this year, thanks to President Obama's stimulus package and recently proposed budget . Hiring by the executive branch will increase 15.6% for the 2010 fiscal year (which officially starts October 1). Salaries will increase too -- the average pay per federal works will go from $72,800 now to $75,419 next fiscal year.

The overall number of slots isn't definitive, but here are a few agencies that have announced hiring plans and/or increases in their overall budgets:

  • According to the Washington Post, the Department of Veterans Affairs will hire more than 17,000 doctors, nurses and clerks, while the Social Security Administration's 10% budget increase will let it hire more staff for local field offices and tele-service centers.

  • The Wall Street Journal reports budget increases for the Food and Drug Administration, which wants to speed up review of drug applications; the Agricultural Department, which needs more food-product inspectors; the Labor Department, which needs more staff to enforce workplace rules; and the Internal Revenue Service, which needs to beef up efforts to collect more taxes to pay for this hiring spree. Even the Pentagon is getting a boost -- to hire more civil servants to replace outside contractors to the Department of Defense.