Hungry? Barter your email for free food


When it comes to restaurants, all they want is your money...and your email address. Once they have this bit of information, they can shoot you an email with a come-hither picture of their newest burger at 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning. You know, right about the time that you can barely stop yourself from eating your co-worker's bagged lunch. This is a powerful marketing opportunity which means many restaurants will gladly bribe you with free food for an email address. Nicole's Nickels has a feast of free restaurant offers available to anyone willing to sign up for a newsletter or fanclub.

Some of the best offers include:

  • Red Robin - Free Birthday Burger

  • Johnny Rocket's - Free hamburger

  • Texas Roadhouse - Free Appetizer

  • Dairy Queen - Buy One Get One Blizzard

  • Coldstone - Free Ice Cream on your birthday

You can head over to Nicole's Nickels where there are direct links to more than 20 free food offers. From experience, you should sign up a day or so before you plan to go, rather than 15 minutes before dinner, since it can take a little while for the coupon to show up in your inbox.

If you don't feel like cluttering up your inbox with all the other emails you'll be getting, you can create a free email address just for these offers, or do what I do, and filter all incoming restaurant emails into a special folder that I can search when I need a coupon.

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