2009 Sales tax holiday schedule, and other of the week's hottest personal finance stories, via Tip'd


This is a round-up of the most popular finance links from Tip'd, the social media site for finance, in the past week. This week's stories include 1001 frugality tips, a tutorial on using sales tax holidays to your advantage, and a warning for you financial procrastinators.

Is Personal Responsibility Dead? (27 Tips)
Matt takes a long hard look at the role that our personal failings have played in producing the disaster that is our economy. Read what people are saying about it.

How To Save Money - The 1,001 List Of Money Saving Tips And Ideas (27)
An incredible list of money saving ideas! Read the discussion and other tips here.

The Mistake of Waiting Till The Last Minute (25 Tips)
The longer you wait, the more risk you take. Don't let last minute accidents happen. Read what people are saying about it.

2009 Sales Tax Holiday Schedule (24 Tips)
With the economy in a funk and consumers looking to save as much as they can, one of the best ways to shave several percentage points off your purchase is to wait until a sales tax holiday! Here's the 2009 schedule. Read what the comments here.

What to Expect When Closing Your Loan (21 Tips)
A look at the closing process when refinancing or buying a house, with an in depth look at each of the documents included in the process. Read what people are saying about it.

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