Your Mexican vacations free (if you're lucky enough to get H1N1)

As though the tourism industry wasn't already bleeding from the recession, Mexico was hit with a second body blow by the swine flu. The few visitors to popular destinations like Cancun report almost-vacant beaches. Now, several Mexican resorts are fighting back by offering extra free vacations for anyone who comes down with the disease after visiting their venues.

Three Cancun resorts, the Real, Dreams, and Secrets, are offering what I think is a very compelling special deal; if you come down with the H1NI flu within eight days of your resort vacation, you'll receive a free vacation at their resort, identical to the one you bought (sans flu, hopefully), each year for the next three years.

These resorts and others on the Mexican Riviera are also slashing prices, as some areas are said to be virtual ghost towns. In the Cancun area alone, 25 hotels have already closed for lack of traffic. The Mexican Tourism Board is planning an $88 million campaign to entice vacationers back to the country.

Now, I'm not risk-adverse. I flew to Las Vegas the week after 9-11 and found some fantastic deals, including a $900 a night suite for $100, all because the travel industry had come to a standstill. Therefore, I'm willing to jump at a great deal accepting the infinitesimal possibility I could contract the H1N1.

If you share my belief that the odds are very slight that you'll get the flu, or that if you get it you'll quickly recover, now would be the time to score a great deal on that Caribbean vacation.
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