How to get the car you want: Scream at your boyfriend


A woman in Shanghai came up with a way to get the car she wanted by using a method that toddlers everywhere often find successful -- screaming hysterically until someone buys it for her.

A popular Chinese online video shows the woman screaming at her male companion to buy her the car, and when he declines, she jumps in the sedan and drives up and down the showroom before he gives in, according to a Reuters story.

Here's the video:

It's funny to watch, and some observers say it might be fake because the exchange happened in Mandarin instead of the local Shanghai dialect. If you know Chinese, this version on a Chinese Web site might be easier to hear.

"The car doesn't suit you," the man tells the woman, who screams back: "It does suit me!"

It's like this each time we go shopping. I'm not buying this car for you!" he responds.

She gets in the car and ignores the salesman and her companion, who are yelling at her to stop. The man gives in, waving his credit card and shouting, "Stop! Stop! I'll buy it! I'll buy it!"

Someone needs to grow up in this video. One of them -- the man who buys the car, or the woman who acts like a child -- should act like an adult.