Better living through chocolate -- and multilevel marketing

From the lipstick on a pig files comes Xocai, a high-end chocolate marketed for its health benefits marketed through a network of independent distributors -- just like Amway.

For some reason, The New York Times decided to report on this company that is apparently catching on with New York's wealthy elite. Michael Wilson writes of an "opportunity meeting" consisting of a "group seemingly culled from the front page, gossip sheets and back copies of Playbill."

The piece describes Xocai as a multi-level marketing product that is making inroads in the upper-crust. But in truth, multi-level marketing began to shift away from soaps and salad bowls quite some time ago, and overpriced supplements with dubious promises of better health currently dominate the industry. Companies like Usana Health Sciences, Herbalife and Melaleuca all have sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars. MonaVie has built an empire with the Acai Berry, and now Xocai is taking it a step further: acai berries and antioxidant-rich raw chocolate powder form a "harmonious balance enabling health and prosperity."

Well then. To eat the suggested three nuggets per day, you'd have to spend $100 per month on chocolate -- and more if you want the drinks.

That's right: a company that promises you can lose weight by eating chocolate and get rich by participating in multi-level marketing. That sounds like a BS two-fer to me. But hey, I may just be full of toxins.
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