Tweets retreat: Twitter going down again Wednesday afternoon

It's a Twitter retreat, take two: Twitter will be doing maintenance again on its site Wednesday, and the Tweets will temporarily cease.

Proving that repairmen never show up when expected, even on the Web, Twitter rescheduled its repairs from Monday morning to Wednesday at 3 pm (Eastern Daylight Time).

Gotta love it. Guess they had to go back to the shop for parts that weren't in hand on Monday.

Twitter told its users on Tuesday that it will be "continuing the database maintenance work we began last Friday."

Last week, the company performed a "significant database upgrade that will greatly increase system performance." The upgrade continues Wednesday afternoon.

"We are beginning this work earlier in the day to ensure that we have the full resources of our team to respond to any problems that might arise," the company wrote on its Twitter status page, which is fast becoming its maintenance update schedule.

In classic customer service-ease, Twitter wrote, "Thanks for your understanding."

The site will be down for an hour, as it was on May 8. While down, no updates, known as Tweets, can be sent. Twitter users will see a maintenance window on Twitter's website.

On the East Coast, Starbucks (SBUX) will be full of Twitter users getting their afternoon coffee and having conversations. On the West Coast, Tweeters can go to lunch and, like the old days, no one will know where, when or with whom.

Except in San Francisco at Twitter headquarters where Twitter repair folks will be working at noon sharp. Or will it be 12:15? Heck, make it 12:30 if they're running late. Just make sure someone's there to let them in.

Anthony Massucci is a senior writer for DailyFinance. You can reach him on Twitter at hianthony.

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