IMAX CEO boldly defends smaller screens, seeks out new reasons for $5 surcharge


The fight/debate over paying $5 more to see the new "Star Trek" movie on an IMAX screen, only to find out that it's not playing on a huge IMAX screen but on a movie screen that is only a bit bigger than a regular one, is getting a little juicier.

Tuesday, the CEO of IMAX, Richard Gelfond, defended the more modest IMAX screens, saying the extra price is worth it, even if the screen size isn't much different than a traditional movie theater, according to

Using a process called Digital Remastering, the resolution is increased, the sound quality is enhanced, and several front rows are removed to improve the viewer's experience, according to Gelfond.

Actor and comedian Aziz Ansari on Monday slammed IMAX on his blog, complaining that the $5 surcharge is a ripoff because it wasn't the regular IMAX screen that customers have come to expect for that price. Ansari wanted his $5 back on principle, but was instead offered free popcorn and a soda.