Google answers my prayer with new search tools


The Internet now houses roughly 10 years worth of content, and it has become annoying when researching a topic to sift through the out-of-date information.

Google search didn't make it easy to limit the results by date -- until now. Among the new features unveiled Tuesday is a simple way to query on only the most recent relevant info.

Try it yourself. Do a Google search. When you receive the response with a list of possible sites to answer your query, click on "Show options" under the Google logo. Yeah, baby -- show me only the latest and greatest!

Another cool tool is an offshoot of idea mapping and similar concepts. Select "Wonder Wheel" from the new options presented by clicking on "Show options." This will produce a graphical representation of the topic and other related topics. If you only have a vague idea of what you're after, this can be invaluable in honing your query.

Yet another useful feature is the "Reviews" choice. This is helpful when searching on a term that would normally result in hundreds of sale offers. Reviews will weed out the sales pitches, leaving only the useful info. At least, until the companies that game Google plaster the Internet with fake reviews.

As the Internet grows faster than a teenager working at Krispy Kreme, we need better search tools. Google has set the bar a little higher with these new features.