Stocks in the news: Citigroup, General Motors, Microsoft


The following post rounds up the companies making headlines today:

Citigroup Inc. (C) is using its $45 billion in TARP funds it received to make nearly that much in new loans. The loans being offered by Citigroup to state and local governments, municipal agencies, universities and non-profit hospitals would not likely have been made had the bank not received the aid. C shares gained about 2 percent in pre-market trading.

General Motors Corp. (GM) executives, including Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, have sold what was left of their personal stakes, according to SEC filings on Monday. This only compounded remarks made Monday by CEO Fritz Henderson, who said that bankruptcy is still the likely outcome for the automaker. He also left the door open to the automaker moving its corporate headquarters out of Detroit. GM shares sank over 13 percent before the bell.