Seven industries that are hiring, and pay well. Can you say 'ahh?'


Last week, I wrote a post taking issue with a New York Times story about how there are jobs out there, but many of the jobs cited were in the "services" industry with low pay and low benefits. This week, I saw a report also stating there are jobs out there, but the seven industries it cited pay more than minimum wage.

Sageworks, a research firm on privately-held companies, says accountants, dentists, auto mechanics and hair stylists are some of the workers still doing well in this economy (I can vouch for the latter two as I still rely on my auto mechanic and hairstylist for frequent repairs). Here's the stats:

  • Vehicle maintenance: While car dealers saw their sales drop 9.7% in the past 12 months, auto-repair shops saw theirs increase by 2.4%.

  • Home remodeling: While home builders saw sales fall 5%, home contractors like electricians and plumbers saw sales increase 4.6%.