Oprah to college grads: the secret to happiness is a private jet


The graduating class of Duke University this year had the privilege of Oprah giving their commencement speech. Her advice to the class of 2009: seriously, being rich is really cool because you can own a ton of mansions and fly around on a private jet.

Well at least she's honest. But is this really practical advice for a class that that is facing one of the worst job markets ever?

A great commencement speech holds advice for the future, for when those hopeful grads walk out of the campus, diplomas in hand, into the real world. Oprah's advice? "It's great to have a nice home. It's great to have nice homes! It's great to have a nice home that just escaped the fire in Santa Barbara," she told the students. "It's great to have a private jet. Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn't great is lying to you."