Teens strip down budgets like a spaghetti-strap chiffon dress on prom night

How are teens getting ready for, like, the biggest night ever? Prom? During this, y'know, recession or whatever? The Miami Herald reports that South Florida high schoolers are trimming their budgets without sacrificing the importance of being trendy.

Education reporter Hannah Sampson spoke to one well-connected student, a class president, who took advantage of a Men's Wearhouse deal by referring enough friends to earn himself a free tux. Other teens are pooling their gas money and renting cars, not white stretch-limos with hot-tubs in the back. One thrifty senior even says she'll be reusing the shoes she wore to homecoming. (OMG, CALL THE FASHION POLICE, LOL!!!!) Seventeen editor-in-chief Ann Shoket tells the Herald that teenage girls who cut spending on nonessential items don't have to skimp as much on hair, makeup or a dress. "It's a real teaching moment for teens to talk about financial responsibility."