SWM, 54, seeking gold diggers for secret trysts and blackmail


Once, twice, three times a charm for Greenwich investment-firm chief Stephen Dent. The married heir to the Dupont empire has been extorted three times through the online sugar daddy website SeekingArrangement.com. Dent, 54, whose fortune is estimated at $100 million, lost a mere $200,000 on hotel trysts and web chats with wily women who saw that this was one sugar daddy to milk. The cost of a potential Dupont divorce for marital unfaithfulness? Priceless.

In one case Dent spent $15,000 for sex with a sugar baby he met on the website, a fee which makes Eliot Spitzer's $1,000-an-hour downfall look like a bargain. But unlike Ashley Dupré, who didn't know she was shacking up with the Governor, three separate women involved with Dent sniffed a goldmine and went on to threaten blackmail by exposing his philandering ways unless he kept the checks flowing.

In March 2008, a Queens resident pleaded guilty to extorting $40,000 from Dent, who had committed lewd acts with his girlfriend. Dent went on SeekingArrangement.com again, and was blackmailed by an Ohio couple who took him for $100,000 by threatening to release photos and e-mails of the tryst. And according to court records, a third woman extorted Dent for $9,000.