Donald Trump is planning a recession-themed 'Apprentice'


Donald Trump is re-shaping The Apprentice, his NBC elimination game show, to reflect hard times. If a leaked casting press release is correct, the Donald (with executive producer Mark Burnett) is specifically going after go-getters who've been knocked down by the recession.

The headline for NBC's casting notice was spotted by sharp-eyed web-combers. The announcement has since been removed, but its headline said, "Donald Trump wants to put America back to work."

It went on to read that if you want to apply, you should "explain why you should be the next Apprentice as well as how the recession has affected your life."

The page has since been taken down, and a similar notice placed on casting website Reality Wanted (telling the recently laid off that "this is your chance to get back to work") was deactivated after just a day. But it's probably not because the show's no longer in the works, even though the non-celebrity version of the show has been rumored to be dead now that the celeb editions are doing well.