Everyone loves a ukulele -- even Warren Buffett


If ever there was a billionaire role model, it's Warren Buffett.

Buffett's love for the ukulele led to him donating the musical instruments and lessons to girls at the North Omaha branch of Girls Inc., a group with a goal of helping girls become "strong, smart and bold," and bolstering their confidence and self-sufficiency, according to a Reuters story.

Even in a recession, when people are out of work, his example is a good one to follow and one that anyone can try to emulate by donating their time, if not their money, to such causes.

With a $40 billion fortune, Buffett can easily afford to give. But I think this kind of life lesson -- an appreciation of music and the chance to learn how to play music -- can be taught by anyone who knows how to play an instrument.

One of the girls, 10-year-old Raelynn McCreary, put it best, saying that what Buffett did was "just plain kindness. If you're a really busy person and you take time out of your schedule to go teach someone else how to do something, then that is what everyone should do."

Always the shrewd businessman, Buffett bought the ukuleles at a discount after going to a music store and demanding a discount because he was buying in bulk. He got the deal.

Another good lesson for the girls: Always push for discount when buying in bulk.