Frugal fatigue makes me tired


Dear America: the Recession is not, like Lent, over in six weeks, and it's OK to cheat on Sundays. This USA Today article claims that people are so over being frugal, because we've done it for what, months now?

"Frugal fatigue" is the new buzz-phrase, and spending reports indicate we may be switching back to beef tenderloin (bye-bye roasted chicken) and $100 bottles of wine (so long tap water) and granite counter tops (adios, re-grouting that old tile).

I guess W. Hodding Carter, busy working on his book on extreme frugality (and according to a comment to my somewhat critical post, planning to live within his means forever, making me love him) is so March 2009. Right? We can just throw out the budget spreadsheet and proceed immediately to Starbucks for the day's second venti quadruple-shot caramel latte, with whip. No time to waste! Frugality is so boring!

Umm, hold up, guys.