Spring brings more complaints about door-to-door sales

In most parts of the country it's finally starting to feel like spring again, making the outdoors enjoyable for all kinds of activities, including door-to-door sales. The Ohio Attorney General recently released the number of complaints that it received regarding door-to-door sales in 2008, and found that the number of complaints rise with the temperature. The Ohio State Attorney General's office found that the number of complaints began to climb in May, and peaked in July, when 83 complaints were lodged.

While door-to-door sales used to be a somewhat reputable profession, these days the products are overpriced and the sales force are often exploited. One of the most common forms of door-to-door sales pitches are for magazine subscriptions. Many times these salespeople will convince you to purchase an overpriced magazine under the guise of helping them get enough points to go on a trip to somewhere exotic; but more often than not they are just trying to get enough points to avoid sleeping on the floor that night.

The Traveling Sales Crew Information website tracks the dangerous situations that young people are put into when they join up with one of these traveling sales groups. These aren't isolated incidents, one former member of just such a crew recently shared her personal experience; being yelled at, having half her money taken away, drug dealing, alcohol abuse and an attempted assault by a customer. Make no mistake about it, selling magazines door to door is a dangerous profession.Buying a magazine, overpriced as it may be, seems like a good way to help out someone in a bad situation but all you are doing is making the company hauling these kids across the country rich and giving them incentive to keep putting young people in harm's way. Your best bet is to keep the door shut when door to door salesmen come knocking. If you really want to help, ask if you can call someone for them or get them in touch with a local family services group.

If you've already been hit up for a sale you may still have time to get a refund, you can learn more about how to do that by looking at the back of your order form and reading WalletPop's previous door-to-door magazine sale warning.
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