Lazy Girl's Guide to Getting More Done

By Holly Eagleson

Computers are supposed to help you be more productive, but all those nommable puppy pictures can actually wind up sucking more time away. Fortunately, they can make it up to you by helping you get some key things done faster. Try these time-savers so you can get back to really important stuff, like stalking exes on Facebook and generally avoiding all human interaction.

1. Soup up your webmail. Setting a few preferences here and there will let you do more in less time. For example, has one box that will show you everything that's going on on your Facebook, AIM, Twitter, Bebo and Myspace.

If you're a Gmail user, check out their Labs options. They allow you to do nifty stuff like suggest recipients for emails -- easier than sorting through all your contacts. Offline Gmail makes your inbox accessible when you're not on the internet, so you don't have to be tethered to wireless.

2. Twitter your tasks. If you need a doctor, handyman, or bar suggestion, put it in your Twitter feed. No idea why, but people really do seem to respond to quick queries for advice. If you don't have a bunch of followers, use the search function to scan others' posts like a virtual yellow pages.

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