Growth industry: Gun running for the Americans

Wanna go into the weapons business?

The Department of Defense is planning to create 20,000 new jobs to help manage its new and improved system of buying weapons, according to media reports.

The Pentagon's number two man, Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn, told Congress the surge is all part of a plan to combat wasteful overspending on the billions of dollars it spends yearly on weapons acquisitions.

So no, you don't actually get to run guns. More like push paper. Still, it's a government gig, which comes with all the benefits of yore, including health insurance for you and your family and decent job security.

Interested? The Pentagon's website doesn't yet show a listing for these many jobs, but you can check back here. As with all things government, information takes a while to wend its way through the system.

Or you could wait for California to finally legalize pot and go into the drug business.