Free Kentucky Grilled Chicken... if you download this coupon by midnight


If you watch Oprah regularly, you already know about this. Sorry for troubling you. Go about your business.

But for the rest of you... have you heard? Oprah Winfrey is partnering with Kentucky Fried Chicken--er, Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

The offer is only good until tonight, midnight, EST, but if you click here, you can download a coupon that will -- until May 19 -- give you a free two-piece, two sides and biscuit meal of Kentucky grilled chicken.

There are more details at Oprah's web site. But in general, we've already given you everything you need to know. Free coupon, download by midnight tonight. This is for its new grilled (think: less fat) chicken. It's not available everywhere, because not every KFC is selling the grilled chicken, but 95% of the restaurants serve it, so chances are, you'll be able to use the coupon without any problems.

Not surprisingly, since Oprah is involved, KFC reports that millions of coupons have already been downloaded since this was announced yesterday. Be patient and keep trying.