Five Resume Tips for Creative Jobs


For most job seekers, there are basic rules to follow when writing a resume: Focus on accomplishments, incorporate important keywords, print on professional paper and use black ink. But for those applying for jobs in more creative fields, is it necessary to break from tradition and design a creative and provocative resume to get an employer's attention?

In most cases, the answer is no. In fact, even designers, art directors, web developers and other creative professionals need to have resumes that present information clearly, concisely, and in a manner that is easy to read. Corey Schaaf, a graphics and Web designer based in St. Louis, says that the content of a person's resume is more important than the resume's look and feel. "When I'm hiring someone, their resume doesn't exactly have to have a design quality to it," he says. "What I look for is experience and technical knowledge of software applications."

Originally published