Are the days of Coca-Cola's VitaminWater numbered?


I loved the predecessor of the product now known as VitaminWater, Fruitwater. Made by glacéau, the four flavors were delightfully simple and unsweetened; it was just fruit flavoring and water. Someone had the bright idea to add vitamins to the water, and sweetener came with it, and Coca Cola (KO), which bought the company in 2007, is now banking on the product line as part of the consumer demand for water with extras.

Is the tide turning? Not only are a small segment of consumers beginning to eschew plastic bottles and everything that comes in them, but a growing sentiment among food writers and other influential nutrition pundits is that adding vitamins to beverages (or other foods, for that matter) in pure mineral form really doesn't impact one's health; in fact, those vitamins are typically "excreted," in other words, they pass right through you.

Especially if you're drinking a lot of water.