Twitterific saving tips from New York Times readers


You can go to the New York Times' LIving With Less section in the paper -- or on on the web -- but you actually get a lot more out of the tips from readers following the Twitter feed of @livingwithless which serves as a 24-hour unsolicited help line for saving money.

On the paper's section page, you get the standard news feed of related bad news of the day, there are profiles of hope, and a word stream that moves with people's feelings. That last item would be unique if it were not for the fact that our collective stream of consciousness is just a mantra of "anxious, worried, depressed" over and over.

But the Twitter stream drops little tidbits every couple of minutes that move and are actually quite useful. Like these:

TIP: Get your annual flu shot from a free clinic rather than paying your M.D. for his nurse to do the same thing.

TIP: Stop buying paper towels (or at least seriously change the way you use them). They're expensive and bad for th...

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