Facebook Jezebels: Using social networks to collect debts


Forget knives and handguns, slingshots and the atom bomb; the world's most dangerous weapon is still the human libido.

As far back as Homer's Odyssey and the Old Testament, lust was the go-to weapon when arrows and armies failed. Even today, Sirens can still draw men to wreck their boats and Delilahs can easily convince them to get dangerously bad haircuts.

The latest arena for libidinous trickery may well be Facebook. According to a recent article on Consumerist, a debt collector has been posing as a flirty Facebook Lolita in an attempt to keep tabs on some of the site's male users. Excerpting a conversation between Bryan Passifiume, a freelance writer and photographer, and "Jenny Anderson," a woman in Vancouver, BC, the article suggests that Anderson is actually a decoy that was designed to make it possible for skip tracers to observe the movements of some of their debtors.

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