Ask nice, ask twice: Credit card companies still waiving fees


Even though things are getting hairy out there for credit card companies, if you are generally a good consumer you still have a little wiggle room.

I found this out last week when I noticed that I logged into Wesabe and saw that I had a late fee assessed to one of my credit cards; not just any credit card but the one that holds the entirety of my credit card debt, the one with that hard to get these days 0% interest rate! After calming down and realizing that it was indeed my fault, I switched the due dates with another card from the same company making me early for one and late for another, I set out to fix the problem.

Since I hate waiting on hold, I went to my account and fired off a secure message to my credit card company.

I just saw that I had a late fee on my account. Apparently I had confused the due date of this account with my other account which is due on the 5th.

As I am a good customer on both of my accounts could you please remove the late fee from my account as a one-time courtesy? When you do this please ensure that my interest rates do not suffer for this one time lapse.

I had tried to move the due date when I signed up but unfortunately I was told that it would be several months before that was an option.

Thank you for fixing this problem.