Talk about gold scams: Woman steals 500 pounds of gold from employer


You've seen the commercials for those companies that promise top dollar for gold, like Cash4Gold, right? What about gold parties? You know, get-togethers where everyone brings their old jewelry and someone is there to purchase the gold immediately. You go in with old gold jewelry and leave with cold, hard cash. It doesn't get any better, does it? Perhaps Teresa Tambunting was headed to a gold party and wanted to be well equipped.

According to the story, 50-year-old Tambunting "siphoned off" roughly $12 million worth of gold from Jacmel Jewelry in New York City. The company realized the gold was missing after an inventory audit was conducted in January. When the audit kicked off an investigation, Tambunting decided to return to her employer with roughly 66 pounds of gold; another 448 pounds was later recovered from her residence.

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