Danny Gokey: Heartbroken contender or LensCrafters shill? You be the judge


For the past two weeks, American Idol contestant and serial eyewear model Danny Gokey has ended his performance by putting his hands to his chest and making a heart shape with his fingers. The Top Four contestant is sending out the love... but to whom?

Some people think it's to his bank account.

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VoteFortheWorst.com, a popular website that began as an effort to sabotage the Fox show by asking followers to always place votes for the most untalented performer, has made an educated guess. The site posits that Gokey, who seems to be wearing a flashy new pair of glasses every time we see him, could be on the payroll of the national eyeglasses chain Lenscrafters. It's a mean-spirited but plausible accusation, because the chain so happens to have an ad campaign in which the exact same hand gesture is the central conceit. Check it out here.