Condi Rice vs. college kid smackdown: Who's smarter?


As the issue of torture devastates the PR of the Republican party, one person has stayed quiet. Condoleezza Rice, the former Secretary of State, has returned to Stanford University, after eight years of public service, and is settling into a life of ease and book writing. Not if those pesky college kids can help it!

Visiting a Stanford dorm last Monday, Condi was surrounded by students and confronted by one who pressed on about her role in waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay. (C.I.A. documents, released recently, show that she did authorize waterboarding.) The exchange, captured on video by student Reyna Garcia, shows the usually cool, collected Condi getting finger wagging mad, even patronizing, in debate with the college student, not visible in the video. She even busts out with a "No, dear, you're wrong" and "Maybe before you make allegations about Guantanamo, you should read."