Common Spanish Phrases for Travelers

Learning to tango in Argentina, sipping mate in Paraguay or kissing cheeks in Puerto Rico, Spanish will be the language of choice. Veteran travelers say knowing common Spanish phrases is an invaluable travel resource. AOL Travel has combined the 15 most common Spanish phrases you'll need when hailing a taxi in Mexico City, ordering tapas in Ibiza or simply trying to get around while traveling. ¡Buen viaje!

Must Know Travel TermsCommon Spanish PhrasesPhrase Pronunciation
PleasePor favor"pour fah-vour"
Thank YouGracias"grah-see-as"
Excuse MePerdon"pear-don"
Do you speak English?¿Habla ingles?"abla ing-gless"
Can you help me?¿Puede ayudarme?"pwede ay-u-dar-may"
I don't knowNo se"no say"
I wantQuiero"key-err-o"
How much?¿Quanto cuesta?"kwanto kwesta"
Where is¿Donde esta?"don-day estah"
bathroom/restaurant/hotelel baňo/restaurante/hotel"el ba-nyo/el res-tao-ron-te/el otel"
Taxi pleaseTaxi por favor"taxi pour fah-vour"
I need a doctorNecessito un medico"nes-es-ito oon me-di-ko"

These common Spanish phrases are the absolute basics you'll need to maneuver around any Spanish-speaking country. Before you head off to Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Uruguay or any other fabulous destination, print out these common Spanish phrases as a quick Spanish language cheat sheet. For those ready to learn more common Spanish phrases, there are hundreds of Spanish language translations books to teach you more. Of course, the best way to learn common Spanish phrases is to practice while traveling!
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