Common Russian Phrases for Travelers

Beautiful and challenging, the Russian language is expressed in Cyrillic symbols. In order to get the most out of your trip to the Russian Federation, it's best to have a working grasp of common Russian phrases. With your common Russian phrases in tow, you can visit Alexander Palace in St. Petersburg or gawk at Red Square in Moscow with ease. AOL has made speaking with the locals simple with 15 common Russian phrases to help you get around. Sčastlivogo puti!

Must Know Travel TermsCommon Russian PhrasesPhrase Pronunciation
GoodbyeДо свидания!"da-svi-da-niya"
Thank YouСпасибо"spa-see-ba"
Do you speak English?Вы говорите по-английски?"vi gavareetye pa angleeskee?"
Can you help me?Вы можете помочь мне?"vi moh-zh-aytuay mnee pomo-ch"
I don't knowя не знаю."yah ne z-nigh-yoo"
How much is it?сколько стоит?"skol'ka stoy-eet"
Where is?Где ?"g-dee"
Taxi, please.такси пожалуйста."taxi pa-zhalyi-sta"
I need a doctor quicklyя нуждаюсь в докторе быстро"m-knee sroch-na noozen vrach"

Mesmerized by the Bolshoi Ballet or paying your respects to the Unknown Soldier's Tomb, knowing some common Russian phrases makes your trip the full experience. Who doesn't want to order authentic Russian vodka and a plate of pasta in Federico Fellini's Cinema Restaurant... in Russian? With these common Russian phrases as your cheat sheet, you'll even surprise yourself. And when you're ready for more common Russian phrases, check out Russian phrase books to help you out.
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