Common Japanese Phrases for Travelers

Whether dodging traffic in Tokyo or eating your way through Osaka, knowing some common Japanese phrases before you go is a must. A land known for honor, Japanese people will bestow kindness and generosity when you try your hand at speaking these common Japanese phrases. AOL Travel gives you a leg up with the top 15 common Japanese phrases that will no doubt help you when paying your respects in Hiroshima or indulging your spiritual side in Kyoto. Yoi riôko o!

Must Know Travel TermsCommon Japanese PhrasesPhrase Pronunciation
PleaseOnegai shimasu"o-nay-guy shi-mas"
Thank YouArigatoo gozaimasu"ar-ee-gah-toh go-zai-mas"
Excuse MeSumimasen"sumi-ma-sen"
Do you speak English?Eigo o hanashimasuka?"eh-go o hana-shi-maska"
Help meTasukete"tah-zu-kuteh"
I don't knowShirimasen"sh-rey mas-en"
How much is it?Ikura desu ka?"ee-kura des-ka"
Which way is it?Dokira desu ka??"do-key-ra des-ka"
bathroom/restaurant/hotelo tearai wa/shokudo/hoteru"o te-rai o-wah/sho-ku-do/hote-ru"
Taxi, please.Takushii onegai shimasu"ta-ku-she o-nay-guy shi-mas"
Doctor, pleaseIhaku onegai shimasu"i-ha-ku o-nay-guy shi-mas"

Before you hit the slopes in Sapporo or decide which train to catch in Yokohama, make sure you've got a handful of common Japanese phrases available to get around. These common Japanese phrases, when used as a cheat sheet, may offer more insight into industrial center that is Nagoya, the modern quaintness of Fukuoka and navigating the steep hills of Nagasaki. If you're ready to try your hand at more common Japanese phrases not outlined here, you can find Japanese phrase books to help. True understanding of the incredible country that is Japan means interacting with its glorious people. Knowing key common Japanese phrases will certainly to break the ice.
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