Common French Phrases for Travelers

Forget the rumors about France. The French are some of the friendliest and enchanting people you'll ever meet. And if you have a handful of common French phrases in your arsenal when ordering a baguette in Paris or catching a film in Cannes, you'd be surprised at how helpful the French people become. To get you started, AOL Travel has compiled 15 of the most common French phrases that will have you chatting with the locals in Lyon or debating where the summit of Mont Blanc really lies. Bon voyage!

Must Know Travel TermsCommon French PhrasesPhrase Pronunciation
GoodbyeAu revoir"o re-vwoir"
PleaseS'il vous plait"see-voo-play"
Thank YouMerci"mer-see"
Excuse MeExcusez-moi"ex-scyuuz-eh mwah"
Do you speak English?Parlez-vous l'anglais?"par-lay voo l'anglay"
Help meAidez-moi"ay-day mwah"
I don't knowJe ne sais pas"juh nuh say pa"
I wantJe voudrais"juh voo-dray"
How much?C'est combien?"say c-ohm-bee-yan"
Where isOù est?"oo eh"
bathroom/restaurant/hotella toilette/restaurant/l'hotel"la sal de bahn/restaurant/l'otel"
Taxi pleaseUn taxi, s'il vous plait"un taxi see-voo-play"
I need a doctorIl me faut un docteur"il muh foe un doc-tour"

One sure fire way to make your trip to France more pleasurable is to memorize some common French phrases. Bouncing between Chantilly Castle and Versailles or soaking up the sun in the French Riviera, take these common French phrases with you as a "cheat sheet". Anyone interested in really making a statement with more common French phrases, there are French phrase books readily available. Valuable knowledge about common French phrases is sure to make people watching complete with café and croissant on the Champs Elysees c'est magnifique!
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