Where do you draw the line? The six grossest ways to save money


There's no doubt that saving money and being green are important aims, but there comes a time when every miser and would-be environmentalist faces an invisible dividing line. On this side lays all the money saving and resource-conserving things that are easy to do and emotionally acceptable; on the other side lays the abyss.

For some people, that line occurs fairly early, like when they're maintaining the speed limit on the highway, only to find themselves getting passed by a honking street-sweeper. For other people, the line occurs a little later, when they're dumpster diving and trying to decide if a half-consumed box of spaghetti is worth salvaging. For some, of course, the line never seems to come, and there is no act too humiliating, no money-saver too repulsive to keep them from trying to make a dollar scream for mercy.

As for us, there are things that definitely lie over the pale. With that in mind, we humbly offer the following six truly gross ways to save money. As you scroll through them, we have a feeling that you'll find exactly where your line lies!