TJ Maxx is a hot spot for iPhone/iPod accessories

Josh Smith

While I was picking up some coffee at TJ Maxx this week, I stumbled upon a motherlode of cheap iPod and iPhone accessories. That's right, not 20 feet from the doors of my local big box electronic retailer sits one of the cheapest places to get name brand iPod accessories. Best of all, they are brand new!

Like everything at TJ Maxx the selection of iPod and iPhone cases, speakers and cables will vary from store to store and week to week, but here's a sample of what I found.

  • Caselogic sleeves starting at $5.99

  • Speck iPhone cases starting at $7.99

  • iWave cases starting at $7.99

  • Griffin cases at $9.99

  • Window mounts for $9.99

  • iWave speaker systems half off of retail

  • Cables, chargers, etc well below retail

The selection of items you can get dirt cheap at TJ Maxx continues to surprise me. In addition to the low prices and lack of shipping fees you even get instant gratification. You'd be remiss to not begin your search for iPod and iPhone accessories at TJ Maxx, where on average they are 50% off of retail prices.

While you're there don't forget to pick up some cheap coffee and groceries.