Fort Knox? More workers stealing from employers as recession continues

Maybe working around all that bling for so many years blinded her. But by the time one long-time worker at a Long Island City, NY, jewelry store was caught, she was being accused of stealing close to 500 pounds of gold.

How, you ask? Employee Teresa Tambunting allegedly waltzed out of the store time and again with pieces of gold and jewelry tucked away in the lining of her purse.

She patiently amassed her mountain of gold over a five-year period. But eventually, the store realized that there was $3 million to $12 million of inventory missing and began an investigation, prompting Tambunting to bring in a suitcase full of some of the stolen gold that was worth $868,000. Authorities also found about 447 pounds of stolen gold in her house. Tambunting, who worked at the store for 28 years, was charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property before being released on $100,000 bail.

It's a glittering example of a problem that's on the rise. Employers should beware: More workers are stealing right out from under their noses as they struggle to cope with the recession.