If they can make it here, they'll make it anywhere! W Hotels fêtes itself in New Jersey


Manhattan, L.A., Sydney, Bali ... Hoboken? Yup. The W Hotel luxury empire, with 29 properties around the globe, opened its first New Jersey outpost last week, right across the Hudson from the more glittering borough, a place that already boasts six of Starwood Hotels' luxurious W properties.

Take that, Manhattan. Thursday night's grandiose opening was packed both with proud locals and curious, dolled-up New Yorkers who had ventured across the river. Recession, schmecession: dozens of paid models stood around looking hot, a lounge singer performed atop a piano, and a woman writhed and fawned within a giant martini glass. Guests spun a W "Wonder Wheel" to win W-branded swag, and fireworks filled the Hoboken sky. And when the celebs came out in force, you never know when you'll find yourself in an impromptu, impassioned economics lesson. (See the video below. Shannen Doherty was much bereaved over the economy and over just losing her dog, after spending $40,000 in dialysis trying to save her best friend.)