Pack light: Airlines raise baggage fees again, just in time for summer


Bet you didn't see this coming. We all wondered what new fees the major airlines were going to institute next. Ryanair's gambit to have us pay to pee didn't go over too well, cutting off that avenue for now. So what do they do? Simply hike the fees they already charge. And do it right as summer travel clicks into high gear.

U.S. Airways, the most disrespectful airline in America, has announced its latest money grab: As of July 9, its baggage fee is going up $5. For each bag. For each flight. The new cost will be $20 for one bag and $30 for the second bag. Bring two bags on a round trip and you'll now be paying $100 above the cost of your ticket. (Bringing just one bag? That'll be $40 for the round trip, provided you only take two fights. Bringing three bags? Don't ask. That third alone will be $100 per flight.)