Hair weave saves woman's life by stopping bullet


A woman in Missouri says her hair weave saved her life. Her ex-boyfriend shot at her but the bullet became lodged in the hair weave at the back of her head. Although she said she felt something hot on her head, she wasn't injured.

"I've been wearing this weave for years. I've invested a lot of money into this weave. It saved my life," Briana Bonds, 20, told MyFox. Given that a really good hair weave can cost hundreds of dollars, I'd say she definitely got her money's worth.

She's just one of several people who've recently managed to cheat death in some rather unusual ways. A 58-year-old woman in Brazil was riding a bus when it got held up by armed robbers. The arrival of police led to a shootout. The woman was shot in the chest but managed to survived--thanks to a $67 wad of cash stuffed in her bra.

Not to be undone, a woman in Detroit also survived a shooting thanks to her bra. Although she was shot during a home invasion, the bullet struck the underwire of her bra, leaving her with only minor injuries.

I knew there was a reason we women go through such hoops to try and look good!