German prostitutes offer recession pricing


The effects of the recession have reached all the way to the bottom of the trickle down economy. Brothels in Germany, where such businesses are legal, have been forced to resort to some imaginative marketing to stem the steady withdrawal of its Johns.

According the The Independent (U.K), those in search of a little something something are finding a buyer's market. Some red light establishments are offering free shuttles, discounts, and day passes. A Berlin club has started to offer a flat rate, $90 early-bird special; unlimited food, drink and sex between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Another club manager has so far refused to cut prices, although the standard Sunday and Monday 50% discount for taxi drivers and seniors remains in effect.

A Hanover madam reported that her house's income was a flaccid 70% of pre-recession levels, while other clubs had lost up to half of their clientele. The estimated 400,000 registered ladies of the night bring in around $17.8 billion annually, or $44,500 per worker.

Many German cities depend on the sales tax from prostitution. If the working girls don't start spend more time flat on their backs, the cities might find themselves in just that position.