A taste test with pluck: KFC gives away free grilled chicken today

With the world's medical fears temporarily shifted from avian flu to swine flu, KFC has decided that today would be the perfect time to go viral on its own. It's going the whole hog to promote its latest new product: Kentucky Grilled Chicken. Today, April 27, it's giving away free chicken to all comers at its 5,100 American stores.

You don't need a coupon. Just go into a KFC and tell them you want a piece of grilled chicken (70 to 80 calories, 4 to 9 grams of fat). You get one per person, but you don't get to choose which body part, although the manager may take pity on you if you're a confirmed drumsticker. If you want a traditionally fried artery-clogger, though (110 to 370 calories, 7 to 21 grams of fat), you'll have to pay.

You can find your nearest KFC by clicking here.
KFC has been attempting to distance itself from its deep-fried image nearly 20 years now, but now it's going out of pocket to prove it's adapting to healthier eating habits. KFC's owner, Yum Brands, has admitted the chain isn't doing as well as its sister fast foodies Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. So the aggressive (and no doubt costly) move to show the world that its new, healthier bird pieces are available is part of a tactical push to resurrect the flagging brand.

One question: If KFC is all about pushing its non-fried, marinated chicken these days, just what does the F stand for now?

Wait, don't answer that. This is a family blog.

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