Mysterious donor gives millions to colleges - who's next?


Over the past few months, a mysterious, anonymous donor (or collection of donors) has given almost $70 million to a dozen colleges across the country. While many people have made a parlor game out of trying to decipher the secret benefactor's identity, it seems like it might be even more fun to try to figure out where he or she (or they) are going to strike next. Let the games begin!

To begin with, the majority of the colleges and universities that have received money, including SUNY Binghamton, Michigan State, Purdue, the University of Iowa, UNC Asheville, Montclair State, Southern Miss, Norfolk State, Colorado, and the University of Maryland, are public institutions. It's worth noting that the outlier, Kalamazoo College, sounds like a public university, which suggests that the mysterious donor might be also be a questionable researcher.

Or maybe he (or she) attended Kalamazoo. Or maybe I'm grasping at straws.