Hitler's watercolors beat auction estimates


Apparently the recession that's curbing demand for high-end art hasn't yet trickled down to the world of World War II fanatics and, perhaps, neo-Nazi types.

CNN reports that "A painting by Adolf Hitler sold for almost $15,000 Thursday -- more than six times as much as expected."

Some 15 pieces of Hitler's art sold for a total of $120,000 at Mullock's of Shropshire, a London auction house. The auction had been expected raise in the range of $50,000 to be used by the anonymous seller to install a new central heating system in his house.

What's fascinating about the work is its banality: Those of us looking for dark, angry work revealing the demons of the most evil man in history are sorely disappointed. It isn't creepy like Charles Manson's art from behind bars and it doesn't appear to be even remotely introspective: trite pastoral scenes and floral watercolors. Hitler reportedly supported himself for several years as an artist, but could not get into art school, so his career quickly fizzled. It's easy to see why.

I can't even imagine why anyone would want a watercolor created by Hitler. How could you possibly hang that in your house? What would you do with it?