Green for less: Three easy steps to greening your wine

Science extols the benefits of a glass of wine a night. But how to make that beneficial pleasure fit into an eco lifestyle? Below, find our handy guide for three easy ways to make wine a cost-effective, eco-friendly part of your daily life.

1. Buy Organic Wine

Organic wine is my favorite. Vineyards that choose to go the organic route opt out of using any chemicals: no pesticides nor herbicides on the grapes, and no sulfites used in the preservation of the wine. While most wine snobs would turn their nose down at a wine made without sulfites, truth be told many people who suffer from sulfite allergies can be saved with an organic bottle. And with the wide variety of organic wines currently out in the marketplace, you'll be able to taste the difference in a pure wine.

2. Buy in Bulk

The image of a wine magnum or box of wine may bring up memories of your fraternity days. But the truth is, buying a large bottle of wine, or buying in an eco-friendly box has suddenly become cool. The larger the serving, the less the packaging, meaning it's lighter on your wallet and on Mother Earth.

One of our favorite new organic wines, Yellow + Blue, comes in a tetrapak, designed to reduce Greenhouse gases. Try the Malbec, with a body as delicious as chocolate; you'll feel like you're drinking dessert.

3. Preserve the Bottle

Now once you've chosen an amazing large organic wine, how to make that bottle sustainable in your home? A full-bodied red will easily turn sour in a day if you don't know how to properly care for the opened bottle. But there's no reason to waste a perfectly good bottle, if you can properly preserve the contents.

For the mere cost of a bottle of wine, $9.95, you can pick up a handy tool that will save you countless bottles of wine over the future: the Vacu Vin.

Developed by the Dutch in 1983, the Vacu Vin was created to vacuum your wine. It's a simple plastic tool. Insert the included plug into the open bottle, and pump the Vacu Vin up and down until you hear it click. It's as easy as that. The Vacu Vin works to suction out all air from the bottle, slowing down oxidation, so that when you open it the next day it will be as fresh as a newly-corked bottle. With the Vacu Vin, you can keep any bottle of organic wine fresh for up to two weeks after opening. We'll toast to that!

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