Feeling queasy yet? Six Flags charges you more to print your ticket at home


You'd think that Six Flags would be a little smarter about how it treats its fans, given that it's teetering on calamity and all. But no, the company, which runs more than 20 parks around North America, has decided that the best way to soak up a little quick cash would be to charge $5 to any customer who elects to visit its website and print his own ticket at home.

Most Outrageous Bills

That's right. It's your printer, your ink, your paper -- and Six Flags won't have to pay anyone in the ticket booth to sell you a ticket, either. Yet somehow, the company thinks you should pay $5 over the price of your ticket to do that. I think Six Flags is a terrific vacation resource, and I want them to stick around. I don't think this is how to go about it. (Although the company has done one thing right: bringing back the delightfully ookie spokes-elder Mr. Six)

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