RetailMeNot now offers local printable coupons

Even though digital coupons are quickly gaining traction, many stores just aren't prepared to accept a coupon that they can't tuck away in their cash register, making on-demand printable coupons a good alternative. To meet the demand for printable coupons RetailMeNot, a popular online coupon search site, has launched RetailMeNot Printable which provides a searchable index of 90,000 local and national coupons for grocery items, restaurants and other small businesses.

Most of the local coupons are the same ones offered by popular coupon distributors like Valpak, Redplum and Money Mailer, which are already available online, but now you can search all of them at once. As always, the bigger your city is the more likely you will be to benefit from the service, since there will be more participating retailers.

The really good savings come from the national food coupons that are available on the site. If you are looking for a coupon for a specific product like peanut butter, you can search and find a link to a coupon for 40 cents of Skippy peanut butter. If you'd rather look through the entire selection of food coupons you can do that too; just click on the food category from the main page.

RetailMeNot's printable coupon service is off to a good start and could quickly become a hassle-free place to get local coupons. Best of all you won't have to wade through the 50 offers in your Valpak mailer to find the three coupons that you'll use.
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