Media World: Short seller not unloading anti-Goldman site


Florida short-seller Mike Morgan is so enraged by Goldman Sachs Group (GS) that he turned down a $2 million offer from an unidentified seller for anti-Goldman website he's created. The site has been extremely critical of the bank and has become the subject of a lawsuit.

"I am not selling the Web site," said Morgan, who has received other offers for Goldman, in an interview. "It may have been a crank or Goldman Sachs feeling us out. At this point, I don't take any of them seriously."

GoldmanSachs666 now prominently discloses that it is not endorsed by Goldman Sachs and even provides a link to the company's Web site after receiving a "cease and desist letter" from the bank. It does not contain any company logos. The blog's name is in dramatic white cursive letters against a background of red flames.