Pennies from heaven? Parking meters, not banks, are where the money is at


Drivers hate them, but parking meters are feeling the love lately: from criminals.

I don't have hard numbers, so maybe it's just a lot of anecdotal evidence, but parking meters seem to increasingly be a popular way for a thief to steal money. Exhibit A: William J. Fell was recently arrested in Alexandria, Virginia, for stealing $170,000 in coins from parking meters.

Probably not too smart of a move for Fell, since he was a parking meter repairman. If you were a police officer investigating the case, wouldn't you first check out the people who had the access and know-how to steal from a parking meter?

Anyway, when police did find Fell, they found coins all over his house and paper money stored in zip-lock bags.

But Fell is just one of many stories out there, in recent months: