Maureen Dowd to Twitter: Drop dead. WalletPop to Dowd: Get over it.


Maureen Dowd, the most widely quoted newspaper columnist in America (or at least in Georgetown's cocktail-party circuit), works herself into a lather this morning, right on the pages of The New York Times. She just doesn't get Twitter. And because she doesn't get Twitter, apparently nobody else should either, and founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone deserve a spanking. But her interview with "EVAN" and "BIZ" reveals that Dowd has truly met her match. She doesn't like that. And who can blame her?

Dowd has never really been one for nuance. She's not a cold-eyed analyst but a smartypants wordsmith, given to inane, clever-clever phrasings and rhyming themes suitable for snappy ad copy. The words "cutesy" and "coquettish" come to mind, but those descriptions overlook her obvious intellect. Dowd is an excellent reporter by trade, yet her position on the Times Op-Ed page invites her to try her hand at writing late-night monologue wisecracks. She's the furthest thing from an airhead but she plays one in the Times today. And she gets schooled.