Green for less: Here comes the sun


Sure, solar lighting for the home is nothing new. Lowe's and Home Depot already offer sun-powered lights for the backyard, porch, and patio. The technology is changing so fast and still finding its footing in the mass market. The latest offering, by Ikea, is especially exciting for its innovation in design and affordability. (Who else but Ikea, a famously green company, can pack such a punch?)

Ikea brings you Sunnan, an LED desk lamp powered by Apollo himself. (Tar and feather me, I love my Greek mythology). Fully charged, the long-necked lamp can glow for four hours and takes 9-12 hours of daylight to re-charge. Of course, if the sun's not out, then you may have to set aside some candles; recharging will take "over 12 hours on a cloudy day," according to the product description on the company's website.